What Have You Got Your Eye On?

Inheritance? We have some bad news...

What Have You Got Your Eye On? Pexels

For many Aussies who think that at some stage, they're in line for a decent inheritance from their parents or loved ones, they might be in for a rude shock.

The term SKI holiday is a new buzzword going around, and stands for 'Spending the Kids Inheritance'... and according to new research from National Seniors Australia, it's bad news for anyone thinking they're in line for a big pay day one day.

National Seniors Australia surveyed 5800 Aussies aged 50 and above, and only 3% plan to preserve all of their savings.

So, Lisa and Pete thought they'd ask the question...

What have you got your eye on?

And the ensuing calls were hilarious!


Written by: @dantheinternut