Added Twist To Jesse Hogan's Hamstring Injury

"I’m watching Jesse Hogan right now..."

Added Twist To Jesse Hogan's Hamstring Injury (Image: Fox Footy)

Jesse Hogan might not have agreed with the decision to pull him from the game, with the Dees star making a bid to return after being withdrawn from the game.

Hogan spent the second quarter down in the rooms and on the bench, with the club confirming on social media and to Triple M boundary rider Neroli Meadows that he had succumbed to a hamstring injury.

But, after that, Hogan returned to the field to test the hamstring during the half time break, suggesting he wanted to come back.

"Melbourne told me that it was definitely a hamstring for Jesse Hogan and he was done for the day," Meadows told Triple M at the time.

"They also put that out on their social media. 

"But I’m watching Jesse Hogan right now, trying to do a few run throughs, changing direction, getting up to a bit of a sprint. He’s with the doctors at the moment walking off.

"I’m not sure he thinks he is done for the day. He’s jogging and right now sprinting."

Hogan was later confirmed to be out, putting on the club tracksuit early in the third term.