Adelaide CEO Hits Out At Media Reports In Letter To Members

Called some reports 'simply incorrect'

Adelaide CEO Hits Out At Media Reports In Letter To Members Image: Getty

Adelaide CEO Andrew Fagan has hit out at sections of the media in a letter to the members.

Fagan sent a letter to the members in the wake of the club’s grand final loss and the trade of Jake Lever to Melbourne.

Fagan spoke about the pain of losing the grand final to Richmond and said that he’d contacted his counterpart at Richmond, Brendon Gale, to congratulate him on the finals win, and said that the club “will not let one bad result push to one side the positives of the year”.

Fagan cited the Crows’ inaugural AFLW flag and the McClelland Trophy the club won for finishing top of the ladder at the end of the home and away season.

Fagan then took aim at the media, saying that the proliferation of media meant there was more wrong oinformation.

“With more people providing comment across more platforms, we are all confronted daily with more opinions than ever before and in many cases they are based on a series of assumptions,” he wrote.

“Some of these are wrong and this is where it gets tricky. We are always focused on keeping our loyal members and supporters informed of the inner workings and true positioning of the Club as much as possible, however, it is simply not possible nor appropriate to respond to each one of the rumours and other innuendo, much of which is portrayed as fact as opposed to opinion.”

Fagan said that some of the discussion around the club is wrong.

“In the last week or so, there has been plenty spoken about which is simply incorrect, relating to conversations that did not take place, contract offers at various values that were or were not made, event invitations that were or were not provided and trade positions that had not been reached,” he wrote.

“I want to make something very clear so it cannot be misinterpreted. Traditional media plays a very important role in our game.

“Together with AFL and club platforms, the commentary and opinion provides valued coverage, analysis and engages fans in the game that we all love.

“They also have an incredibly tough job trying to decipher fact from fiction and interpret the logic behind club decisions without access to the wealth of information that remains confidential.”

Fagan said that the Crows wouldn’t necessarily comment on every story, regardless of accuracy.

“We won’t be dragged into responding to every incorrect report, nor will we necessarily confirm every correct report,” he wrote.

“I assure you that in the clear majority of cases, the moment something of note transpires we will be sure to let you know straight away.”