AFL: We Got It Wrong

Higgins should've been paid a goal

AFL: We Got It Wrong Getty Images

The AFL have admitted that their score review system got it wrong in denying Richmond youngster Jack Higgins a goal on Saturday.

Higgins’ goal against St Kilda was initially paid a goal by the goal umpire, but despite TV replays clearly showing Saints ruckman Tom Hickey touched the ball over the line, it was overturned and paid a point by the score reviewer.

Football operations manager Steve Hocking admitted on Monday there wasn’t enough evidence for the goal to be overturned. 

Hocking said score reviewers have been told to make quick decisions but the wrong one was made in this instance.

"I would repeat again that the overall mechanics of the score review system are good for the game in correcting errors and ensuring against wrong decisions, with some 29 reviews this season reaching a decision that corrected an original error," Hocking said.

"That said, when an overrule decision is made that is incorrect or confusing for fans, such as the decision in Saturday's game, all of that good work is quickly undone and clubs, players and fans will lose faith in the process of going to a score review.

"It will continue to be educated to the review staff as the highest priority that when it comes to an over-rule the vision must be beyond reasonable doubt, or to revert to the original decision made by the umpire on-field."