AFL Coach "Reckons He Dislocated His Ankle" At Training

"He was spewing."

AFL Coach "Reckons He Dislocated His Ankle" At Training

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Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley is battling an injury that he apparently believed was a dislocated ankle.

Port star Jackson Trengove revealed the story on Triple M yesterday.

"Kenneth, he was spewing yesterday," he said.

"He popped his boots on because it was a little bit wet out at Adelaide Oval. (He) had the laces undone.

"As he was walking out he got a little bit stumbly and the boys pulled up and thought, what's wrong here?"

"He reckons he dislocated his ankle."

Assistant coach Matty Nicks revealed something even worse.

"Now that it's out there - it wasn't actually on the deck, it was on the flattest piece of floor in the whole change room," he said.

"You can imagine the last three or four hours has been quite entertaining."

Trengove played down the injury.

"I don't think it's that bad, but he did have his foot up in his office yesterday icing it.

"Hopefully Kenny will be right for this weekend."

According to Trengove, the shoe - or the unlaced boot - is now on the other foot.

"It is good getting into him, because he absolutely rips blokes about missing training or missing anything," he laughed.

"A few of the fellas have been getting back into him this week."