AFL Coaches Join Forces For #ThanksCoach


AFL Coaches Join Forces For #ThanksCoach

Foxtel and the AFL Coaches Association have teamed up to say #ThanksCoach to the grassroots footy coaches.

To recognise the contribution grassroots coaches make to the game, 600 grassroots coaches around Australia the chance to win a #ThanksCoach Masterclass: an amazing opportunity to spend time with the best AFL clubs and coaches in the business.

"When an AFL coach gets a player on their list, that player isn’t a 'blank canvas' - they come with a level of fitness, they know how to run and kick, they have skills, a work ethic and love the game. This is because of the coaches who came before them," AFL Coaches Association CEO Mark Brayshaw said, 

"The members of the AFL Coaches Association know that without our grassroots coaches their players don’t get guided, nurtured and developed and are delighted to throw their support behind the #ThanksCoach campaign.”

The AFL Coaches Association are calling on members of grassroots clubs to:

1.        Nominate their coach for the chance to visit an AFL Club for a #ThanksCoach Masterclass at, and

2.        Say #ThanksCoach through social media

Check out Nathan Buckley,  Bec Goddard, Alastair Clarkson & Alastair Clarkson in the TV ad here.