AFL Explain Goal Review Blunder

They have confirmed the mistake

AFL Explain Goal Review Blunder

The AFL have today confirmed that the score review late in the game between Brisbane and Essendon yesterday produced the wrong decision. 

Bombers forward Jake Stringer awarded a 'goal' despite the vision clearly showing that the ball was blatantly touched by Dayne Beams. 


AFL spokesperson Patrick Keane told the Herald Sun that the decision was wrong and explained that the reviewer was looking at the wrong player on the replay. 

“The reviewer got it wrong. It was touched but the reviewer was looking at the wrong players, presumably (Darcy) Gardiner, not Beams," he said.

“He just didn’t look at the correct vision and turned the correct decision into an incorrect one. It should have been a point.”

Keane backed in the on field umpire's decision to review the 'goal' despite calling it 'touched' during play. 

“The umpires are told with a touch being in close proximity, the sound can be a hand hitting the boot or hand hitting the leg.

“So the decision to refer was a correct one. But where the error was is the reviewer wasn’t looking at the correct vision.”