AFL Is Looking To Take AFLX Overseas

Going international?

AFL Is Looking To Take AFLX Overseas Image: Getty

The AFL is looking to expand new short-form game AFLX into Asian markets such as China and India.

The new format of the game is yet to make its official debut, with the first fixture scheduled for February 15, but that hasn't stopped the AFL from having bold aspirations for the product.

AFL general manager of China David Stevenson is looking to have the new format launched beyond Australian borders.

"Absolutely (that's our goal)," he told

"I think there are two reasons for that. One is we're targeting at kids and families, that's our primary audience. That's why we have a shorter format, 10-minute halves, high scoring, lots of active play in that time. It's targeted at young kids, which will work in New South Wales and Queensland, as well as China and India.

"The second reason is logistically, in those (international) markets, there are no venues. In China as we found there are not a lot of venues that are oval. In India, it's a little easier as they play a lot of cricket, but in China it's harder.

"Some part of New South Wales and Queensland there's a lot of rugby and soccer fields, so AFLX could work there too."

Playing football in those locations is not a foreign concept, with Gold Coast and Port Adelaide returning to Shanghai for the second time this upcoming season.

Richmond and GWS have also previously pushed to play a fixture in India.