Premiers By Ladder Positions (2000-16)

Which spot has produced the most?

Premiers By Ladder Positions (2000-16)

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Since the current top-eight system was introduced in 2000, only four ladder positions have produced premiership teams.

In the last 17 seasons, the eventual premiers have finished the home-and-away season first and second six times each, while there have also been four third-placed premiers.

And of course, last year the Western Bulldogs became the first team ever to win the flag from seventh spot.

Interestingly, no team has ever won it from fourth spot. Fifth, sixth and eighth have also failed to produce a premier.


Premiers by ladder position (2000-16)

1st:      6

2nd:     6

3rd:      4

4th:      0

5th:      0

6th:      0

7th:      1

8th:      0