AFL Release Statement On Controversial Mitchell and Hartung Goals

'All clear'

AFL Release Statement On Controversial Mitchell and Hartung Goals Image: Fox Footy

The AFL have given the 'all clear' to the allowance of Tom Mitchell's and Billy Hartung's goals in their respective games yesterday.

Mitchell slotted a goal as the three-quarter time siren rung yesterday against the Bombers which divided opinions over whether it should have been allowed or not. 


An AFL spokesperson said this morning that the Mitchell decision was a correct one. 

"The rule states the umpire has to hear the siren to end the quarter. The siren was heard as the kick was taken, and as none of the umpires heard the siren before the kick, the kick stands as legal," the spokesman said.

Hartung more controversially kicked a goal in the first quarter against the Swans last night, which in hind-sight may have decided the result of the game. 


The ball appeared to be touched by Sydney defender Jarrad McVeigh, but the decision was not reviewed or over-turned. 

The AFL spokesperson said there was not enough conclusive evidence to change the decision.

"There was not enough definitive evidence to overrule and change the decision in time before the restart of play, so the original decision stood," the spokesperson said. 

The Roos eventually won by 2 points, meaning if that goal had no have been allowed the Swans may have won.