Alastair Clarkson Hits Out At Two Footy Reporters


Alastair Clarkson Hits Out At Two Footy Reporters

(Image: HawksTV)

Alastair Clarkson has hit out at Herald Sun reporters Mark Robinson and Jon Ralph for articles written on Saturday, suggesting there is "no accountability".

Robinson wrote a piece commemorating Bob Murphy's 300th game to be played on Saturday, which references Clarkson, who once coached Murphy at Werribee.

The article wrote Clarkson "was contacted yesterday, but there was no reply".

Clarkson said on Saturday it was rubbish.

"There's two articles in the newspaper today, one by Mark Robinson about Bob Murphy, where it quotes me saying I had no contact with Mark Robinson," he said.

"I spoke to him for half an hour from 4:00 to 4:30 yesterday afternoon about that very article. It's reported in the article he had no contact with me.

"That's really, really poor reporting, because half the article is factually incorrect."

Clarkson also hit out at Jon Ralph, who wrote a piece on Clarkson's coaching contract.

"The Jon Ralph article in the paper today, didn't actually go to the source, (it's) factually incorrect," he said.

"(There's) no accountability."

The Hawthorn coach said it didn't bother him, and that he was not worried about the "noise" outside the club.

"That's what I'm saying about the hysteria around the game. It's a lot greater outside the game," he said.

"We just roll our sleeves up and get to work inside the footy club, and understand that all the noise out there is really just to sell newspapers.

"It's just a game for the journalists. Our game is about trying to perform on the ground on game day."