Alastair Clarkson: "It Was A Poor Choice Of Words"

"I probably got wound up..."

Alastair Clarkson: "It Was A Poor Choice Of Words"

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Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson has admitted the "catastrophic change" comments he made after last week's loss to St Kilda were a "poor choice of words".

Clarkson made the comments after St Kilda demolished them by 75 points last Saturday.

Luke Hodge clarified on the Friday Huddle that Clarkson meant the change would come if things continued the way they are.

Clarkson, however, admitted the comments weren't necessary.

"I probably got wound up in the emotion a bit," he told reporters on Saturday.

"It was a poor choice of words by me, knowing full well that (it) would be referenced a fair bit throughout the course of the week.

"Our club has never been about dealing with things in a catastrophic manner. Given the review of the game, (I was) just disappointed right at that point in time that we'd played so poorly."

Clarkson said the club would look at making some significant changes, but said they'd be neither immediate nor catastrophic.

"I didn't actually say that there was going to be catastrophic change this week...just somewhere down the track," he said.

"It's never been in our manner to deal with things in that way. If we're guilty of anything, it's just backing in our players and that's held us in really good stead over a long, long period of time and that's what we've continued to do this week."