Bad News For Geelong With Cam Guthrie Done For The Night

'I think it is a true strain.'

Bad News For Geelong With Cam Guthrie Done For The Night (Image: Channel 7)

Geelong has been hit with some bad news, with midfielder Cam Guthrie done for the night with a calf injury.

The 25-year old came off the ground and went down to the rooms early in the third term, with Triple M boundary rider Neroli Meadows suggesting he was in a bit of grief.

"Cam Guthrie's just come off and he's let out a loud swear word, which is never a good sign," she reported.

"He's in the hands of the physio and the doctor at the moment.

He emerged a few moments later looking dejected, with ice on his right calf and the club track suit on.

"He's got the jacket on and ice on the back of the right calf, and he's moved to the back seat...he cuts a solemn figure on the back seat of the bench right now, boys," Meadows said.

Dr Rohan White said it's likely a strain for Guthrie.

"He was very disappointed," he said.

"I don't think it's a knock, I think it is a true strain. Not great at this time of year.

"There's no such thing as a one-week's at least three, so really bad news.

"They're icing the upper part of the calf, so it's more the muscle than the tendon. That's probably the only good news."