Ben Cousins Facing More Time Behind Bars

News from Perth.

Ben Cousins Facing More Time Behind Bars (Image: Getty)

Ben Cousins will face more time behind bars after failing a drug test in a Perth prison, according to Triple M’s own Damian Barrett.

Barrett reported on The Footy Show that Cousins will not be eligible for early release, and has been ordered to complete extra rehabilitation.

Cousins was originally supposed to be eligible for parole in two weeks’ time.

"It is unfortunate that Ben Cousins is now not eligible for early release from jail,” Barrett said.

“It’s on the back on a breach of a drug test that he failed inside prison as well...that eligibly for parole has effectively been removed.”

Barrett read a statement from Cousins’ lawyer Michael Tudori.

“The lawyer of Ben Cousins says that he’s in good spirits, he’s currently drug free and he did test positive to an illicit substance on one occasion when he was first remanded in custody,” he read.

Cousins will have to complete extra rehabilitation before he can once again apply for parole.