Billy Brownless Suggests Another Club For Paddy McCartin

"No, Bill!"

Billy Brownless Suggests Another Club For Paddy McCartin

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Billy Brownless has - of course - said Paddy McCartin should go to Geelong if he ever considers a move.

The topic was first floated by Kevin Bartlett, who suggested Richmond should make a play for the Saint.

Billy doesn't think McCartin will go anywhere.

"He kicked seven last week (in the VFL), couldn't get a game this week, but they were very good, the Saints, by the way," he said.

"He's just gotta go back, kick some more goals, enjoy himself and he'll be back in the Saints' side, I'm sure of it!"

But of course, he had to float Geelong as an option.

"I don't think he's going anywhere. If he was going to go somewhere, he'd go to Geelong! That's where he's from. He's a good Geelong boy," he smiled.

JB laughed it off.

"Every player that's moving somewhere doesn't end up in Geelong. It happened once!" he said.

Billy had a few incentives for moving to Geelong.

"They love it down there! Schools, supermarkets, doctors!" he said.

"Lights!" JB laughed.