BREAKING | AFL House Evacuated


Workers at Melbourne's AFL headquarters are returning to the building after a hoax threat sparked an evacuation.

Victoria Police confirmed they were on the scene conducting safety checks on Thursday, while staff gathered outside the Docklands building.

Online footage showed people re-entering the building about 1.30pm.

"AFL House had hoax threat phoned to building this morning. All staff were removed while police checks proceed," AFL spokesman Patrick Keane said on Twitter.

And then later: "AFL staff heading back into the building. Thanks for your interest and concern. No reason given for hoax call."

The threat came a day after the AFL replaced its outdoor headquarters logo with a prominent 'YES' sign in support of marriage equality, but Mr Keane told AAP there was no link between the hoax and the sign.

Premier Daniel Andrews said individual organisations could have their own views on the marriage equality postal survey, but he praised the AFL's chief executive for standing up for the "Yes" vote.

"I sent Gill McLachlan a text message last night and I said 'well done'," Mr Andrews told reporters on Thursday.

"Because that's what leadership's all about, standing up for what's right and that's exactly what Gil McLachlan has done."