BT: Hawks A Middle Of The Road Team

"I don’t think they’re a top five side"

BT: Hawks A Middle Of The Road Team Getty Images

Hawthorn appear to be back in contender mode following their blistering start to the season, but Triple M Footy’s Brian Taylor isn’t convinced that the Hawks will threaten for the flag.

Despite their impressive wins over Collingwood, Geelong and Melbourne, BT told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Wednesday that he still believes Hawthorn are a “middle of the road side”.

“They’re no guarantee to win any game, the Hawks,” BT said during The Midweek Rub. 

“They're a reasonable side but they’ve got to be at their best.”

The long-term losses of Cyril Rioli (knee) and Paul Puopolo (hamstring) will further hamper Hawthorn’s efforts to become a top team, according to BT.

“Tell me right now – who are their best two small forwards that apply pressure? It’s those two there,” BT said.

“They’re not replaceable by someone at that [VFL] level so it’s going to really hurt them in that department, there’s no doubt about that.”

However, the 1986 Coleman Medallist didn’t think Hawthorn was a contender even with Rioli and Puopolo in the side.

“I just think the Hawks are a middle-of-the-road side anyway, I don’t think they’re a top five side,” he said.

“My opinion is they would finish in the middle bracket from sixth to 10th (on the ladder).”