Brian Taylor Responds To The Mark Robinson Tweet

"Fair dinkum..."

Brian Taylor Responds To The Mark Robinson Tweet

(Image: Triple M)

Brian Taylor has hit out at a lack of penalty for Mark Robinson, saying if it had happened to him or anyone else "we would all be threatened with our jobs".

Robinson posted a crude tweet about Alex Fasolo, who has taken a short break from the game to deal with depression.

The tweet has copped plenty of backlash, with the Herald Sun posting an excerpt on their back page on Friday where Robinson apologised for his actions.

BT wasn't happy with Robinson on the Saturday Rub, suggesting he should know better.

"He is supposed to be a wordsmith," he said on Triple M.

"He should understand words that are written better than anyone else, because that is his job."

BT added his surprise at a lack of a penalty.

"Duck, if that were you, if it we were, or it was JB or someone else, it would be back page, front page, news bulletin and as has happened (with us), we would all be threatened with our jobs," he said.

"Maybe (we'd be) likely to lose them, (would give an) apology and we would cop a penalty.

"He's copped none of that. A little bit of social media backlash. There's a small apology on the back of the Herald Sun.

"Fair dinkum. He's got away from this whole thing absolutely scot free.

"I want to know: what penalty is he going to pay?

"How come he has just walked away?"