Brisbane Lions Sign With Major US Manufacturer

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Brisbane Lions Sign With Major US Manufacturer

(Image: Twitter)

After BLK went into voluntary administration, the Brisbane Lions have managed to score a deal with major American manufacturer Majestic Athletic.

The US company will produce the Lions' uniforms from 2017 until the end of 2020 after signing a deal this morning.

According to the Brisbane website:

Majestic Athletic designs, markets and manufactures performance athletic apparel, team uniforms, outerwear and licensed athletic wear. They are the official on-field uniform supplier for all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, and also manufacture sports apparel under license for other professional American sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA and the NHL.

“We’re excited to be entering a partnership with this premiere club,” said Brett Scholl, President of International Majestic.

“I am confident that our innovative product, commitment to service excellence, and retail proficiency will allow us to optimize results for the Brisbane Lions and their legion of fans.”