Brisbane's Teasing Hawthorn About The Luke Hodge News

'We know who we'd like...'

Brisbane's Teasing Hawthorn About The Luke Hodge News (Image: Getty/Twitter)

Brisbane is definitely having a bit of fun with the news surrounding Luke Hodge's future.

After retiring from Hawthorn at the end of this season, Hodge is in discussions with Brisbane about continuing his career at the Lions next year.

And they made sure the Hawks know about it.

Hawthorn posted a video on Twitter on Wednesday with their 'trade targets', a short video featuring a bunch of different faces wearing brown and gold.

Pause at any point in the video - it contains the likes of Patrick Dangerfield, Dustin Martin, Roger Federer, Jason Dunstall, Pikachu, Malcolm Turnbull and heaps more.


Brisbane noticed the video and whipped up one of their own.

The only difference? Pause at any point in the video - every single face is Luke Hodge.

"We know who we would like on ours," they wrote.


Certainly having a lot of fun with this one!

The Hawks took it pretty well.