BT On Why Tom Liberatore Isn't Playing

"It's not about possessions"

BT On Why Tom Liberatore Isn't Playing

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Triple M's Brian Taylor set his sights on Dogs premiership player Tom Liberatore on Talking Footy last night.

Speaking to the panel, BT explained why he thinks Libba hasn't played in the senior side since Round 8 following his demotion.

When asked if he should return following some solid VFL hit-outs, Bristle gave his thoughts:

"He probably does (need to come back)," Taylor said.

"But the thing that’s missing from Tom Liberatore’s game is the appetite for the contest.

"The best example of that - you look at him, who’s been to the top and won; and Mitch Wallis who’s missed out - and it’s poles apart.

"Mitch Wallis is absolutely thirsty for the contest; Libba looks like he’s had enough of the contest, and I think that’s why he’s not playing.

"It’s got nothing to do with possessions.

"It’s about the attitude of winning the football - the thirst for the contest is what Libba is renowned for."

The Bulldogs play Melbourne at Etihad Stadium on Sunday.