BT Reveals Chris Fagan’s Epic Quarter Time Spray

"Very in your face"

BT Reveals Chris Fagan’s Epic Quarter Time Spray

Brisbane had a pretty reasonable first quarter against the Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium today.

They went in 5.0 (30) to 3.7 (25) leaders at the first change, capitalising on some shocking goal kicking from the reigning premiers.

However the efforts of one bloke weren’t enough for coach Chris Fagan, with Brian Taylor revealing on Triple M’s coverage that he dished out a serious spray to Ryan Bastinac.

“Fagan was very, very in the face of Bastinac,” BT said.

“I don’t reckon I’ve seen a coach give an individual player a blast face-to-face like I saw then.

“Other players standing around almost embarrassed to hear what they were hearing.

“So it was very in your face, Fages was really fired up.”

It’s been a tough day at the office for Bastinac so far; at quarter time he’d had just the four touches and at half time has improved that to six.

The Lions sensationally lead the Bulldogs 12.3 (75) to 5.13 (43) at half time.

Listen to BT on Fagan’s spray here: