BT Reveals How Craig Hutchison And Mark Robinson Went Head To Head At A Pub

"I think that's how it went."

BT Reveals How Craig Hutchison And Mark Robinson Went Head To Head At A Pub

(Image: Channel 9/Fox Footy)

Brian Taylor has revealed a recent and intense "informal meeting" between Craig Hutchison and Mark Robinson.

According to BT, neither of the two were particularly happy with each other over a recent article Robinson wrote for the Herald Sun.

"It has come to our attention that during the week a couple of media types faced off," James Brayshaw said on the Saturday Rub.

BT elaborated.

"A peace pipe meeting, we could call it," he said.

"This was at a pub in South Melbourne...Robbo from the Herald Sun decided he needed to smoke the peace piece with Hutchy from Channel 9."

BT revealed it was an article from Robbo that inspired the meeting.

"Apparently Robbo had written something not so nice in the papers about The Footy Show," he said.

"So an informal meeting was constituted...apparently the opening line went like this: the writer of the bad words against The Footy Show said in a very calm manner, he said let's not beep around, everyone at my paper thinks you're a beep, and I am the captain of that beep team.

"I think that's how it went."

BT said Hutchy's response was just as good.

"I've also had it on good authority that in response to Robbo's introduction to the meeting, that Hutchy responded, everyone at Channel 9 thinks you're a beep, beep, beep beep beep."

Damian Barrett, a colleague of Hutchy, was quizzed on the specifics

"I was aware of it after it happened," he said.

"But I'm not aware of those specifics, BT."