Bust-Up At North Melbourne Training


Bust-Up At North Melbourne Training

(Image: Twitter)

Teammates Shaun Higgins and Luke McDonald have been captured having a bust-up at training.

The vision shows the pair getting tangled off the ball and continuing the scuffle before other teammates jumped in to separate.


However, Andrew Swallow claims there wasn't a whole lot in it.

“I heard that Lukey was giving it to Higgo about the size of his head,” Swallow told the Kangaroos’ club website.

“You see Higgo has a massive sized head, probably the biggest in the AFL, but he’s very touchy about it and Lukey just hit a nerve.

“Usually a player wouldn’t dare mention it to his face, but clearly Luke crossed that line and Higgo snapped.”

Higgins also said that it was all in good fun.

“He was clearly trying to get some sort of payback against me after I booted two goals on him in the first two minutes,” he said.

“He tried to line me up and take me out.

“We’re tight and it was all in good fun.

“When we’re out there, we lay it on all the line. There’s no stepping back because there’ll be no stepping back when the games begin.”