Check Out Sam Naismith’s Grouse Simpsons Tattoo

Naismith loves a mystical journey

Check Out Sam Naismith’s Grouse Simpsons Tattoo

Image: Getty/Frinkiac

Sydney ruckman Sam Naismith ensured his status as a cult figure amongst the intersection of footy fans and devotees of The Simpsons last night when an eagle eyed tweeter noticed a tattoo of his.

Naismith has a depiction of the mystical space coyote that dishes Simpson patriarch Homer some spiritual guidance after consumption of a Guatemalan insanity pepper at a chilli cook-off sends him on a mystical journey not seen since the Beatles’ days in India.



The episode that the space coyote is in — El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer, or the Mysterious Journey of Our Homer — is a cult classic due in large part to some of the surrealist animation on show during Homer’s spice-induced trip:


The coyote — voiced by music icon Johnny Cash in an inspired casting choice — then appears to give Homer some existential advice on his journey through life.

Check out the Cash space coyote’s advice to Homer here:

Naismith’s tattoo will make him a favourite amongst the hefty intersection of Simpsons and Swans lovers.