Chest Area Sacrosanct In AFLW Matches


Chest Area Sacrosanct In AFLW Matches report that the chest area will be treated the same as the head and groin in the new NAB AFL Women's competition

The League is working to finalise all the rules for the new AFLW ahead of the season opener on February 3.

Matt Thompson reports that ehe sensitivity of the chest area is also taken into account, and will be classed as 'high' or 'sacrosanct' just like the head and groin is with men's MRP matters.

Players facing scrutiny for on-field misdemeanors will face the same Match Review Panel and process as the men's competition.

However, as players are part-time and on smaller salaries than the men they will not face fines.

They'll instead receive reprimands that may accumulate towards suspensions if there are further offences.