Chris Fagan Hits Out At Draftee Contracts

"Borderline ridiculous"

Chris Fagan Hits Out At Draftee Contracts

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Brisbane coach Chris Fagan has hit out at the state of player contracts, suggesting it is "borderline ridiculous" first-round picks only start their career with two-year deals.

Fagan was addressing the story around number two draft pick Josh Schache, who isout of contract at the end of the year and is considering a return home to Victoria.

He said players, who by default earn a two-year deal when drafted, should get longer contracts.

"I particularly think for first-round draft picks, it should be three to four years at least before they can consider moving somewhere else, unless there's some extenuating circumstances," he said on Friday.

"Clubs invest a lot in those first-round picks, and if you've got the opportunity to keep them for longer, guaranteed, from a club perspective, that would be fantastic.

"To be thinking about your future two years into a start at a new place and whether you want to go somewhere else is borderline ridiculous."

Fagan said he hasn't been discussing Schache's future with him.

"As coach I just coach him, and don't go into those areas with him unless he wants to raise it with me, and he hasn't," he said.

"As a 19-year-old boy, if they are the things he's thinking about, that must be tough.

"What I do know is in Josh's time at the club he's been coached well, managed well off the field in terms of welfare, and I think the club's done everything they can to make this a good place for him to be, and that is the only bit we can control."