Chris Judd Goes Into Bat For Dale Thomas

"One way or the other..."

Chris Judd Goes Into Bat For Dale Thomas

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Chris Judd has gone into bat for the embattled Dale Thomas, saying some of the criticism directed his way has been "unfair".

Thomas has copped criticism in the media for failing to deliver on a big contract at Carlton.

Judd said players, one way or another, do earn the big bucks, whether it's through good form or a copping a barrage in the media.

"Well, you do," he said on the Friday Huddle on Triple M.

"One way or the other, you earn it when you get paid big bucks, you either play like it and you deserve what you get, or if you run into injuries or your form doesn't stand up, you cop enough crap in the media that you earn it that way.

"That was the Izzy Folau case when he took the big bucks."

Judd defended Thomas for his run with the Blues.

"Daisy's had a horrendous run with injuries since he came to the footy club and he's worn a heap of criticism, some of it unfair," he said.