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Chris Judd On When He Knew He’d Be Leaving West Coast

'I was pretty clear'

 Chris Judd On When He Knew He’d Be Leaving West Coast

Chris Judd says that he knew going into his final season at West Coast that it was likely to be his last year at the club.

The dual Brownlow medallist left West Coast at the end of the 2007 season to play for Carlton.

Judd was questioned on the Triple M Rush Hour by James Brayshaw.

JB: How long into your last season for West Coast did you know you were leaving and playing for a club in Melbourne. If it wasn’t Carlton, when did you just know you were going?

JUDD: I think going into that year, I was pretty clear that I thought this would be my last year at the footy club. Albeit, you know that things can change throughout that time.

JB: Did you find motivation playing for West Coast at all difficult knowing you’d be leaving at the end of the year?

JUDD: No I didn’t. And I really wanted to give as much as I could that year because I think there was an underlying guilt that I was going to be taking off.