Chris Judd's Big Call On Extra Time

'Missing out on a huge opportunity.'

Chris Judd's Big Call On Extra Time (Image: Getty)

Triple M's Chris Judd believes extra time needs to be introduced for the home and away season.

The boys were discussing last week's thriller between Port Adelaide and West Coast during Triple M's half time coverage of Geelong/Sydney on Friday night.

Luke Darcy, who was at Adelaide Oval last week, spoke glowingly of it.

"When you’re a neutral supporter, you’re barracking for the game, and to see that extra time, what a treat that’s going to be," he said.

"To have it finish that way, it was quite an extraordinary night. The Port fans, you couldn’t believe their devastation walking out of that joint."

Judd went one step further, calling for the introduction of extra time outside of finals.

"Incredible finish, and incredible kick by Luke Shuey," he said.

"But it just makes you think: I don’t know why the AFL doesn’t introduce it for the home and away season. That bit of extra time footy is the best footy you’re ever going to see all year.

"To be not using that in the home and away season is missing out on a huge opportunity for the fans and commercially, as well."