Collingwood Confirms Adam Treloar Sidelined Until Late August

Two months out.

Collingwood Confirms Adam Treloar Sidelined Until Late August Image: AAP

Collingwood star Adam Treloar will be sidelined unti late August, and will need to go under the knife to repair tendon damage in his left hamstring.

The Pies confirmed Treloar has suffered tendon damage in his left hamstring and a strain in his right during a burst down the wing late in the game against Carlton on Sunday.

It means he will be touch and go to make it back for a likely finals berth for Collingwood.

“Adam stumbled, his left leg locked and before he tumbled to the ground his left leg stretched beyond its limit. It seems that he strained his right leg on the way down as he tried to compensate for the force pushing his through his left,” Collingwood general manager of football Geoff Walsh said.

“It is certainly highly unusual, to injure both hamstrings at once. No-one can recall it happening before in football.

“Still, Adam is a fantastic professional and we have no doubt that he will commit himself to the most thorough recovery possible.

“As to what the immediate future holds, we’ll know more after the surgery and his rehabilitation begins.”

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