Collingwood Skipper's High Praise For 'Selfless' Chris Mayne

Scott Pendlebury backs in Mayne

Collingwood Skipper's High Praise For 'Selfless' Chris Mayne AAP

Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury has praised the resurgence of maligned recruit Chris Mayne after turning his career around in 2018.

Pendlebury joined Jay Clark on Dead Set Legends yesterday and had nothing but admiration for the way that Mayne has turned his form around and has become a vital cog in the Collingwood lineup this year. 

The Pies skipper said that Mayne's attitude has been first-class and that his off-season is to credit for regaining a regular position in the senior side. 


"His off season really set him up," Pendlebury said. 

"He (Mayne) could have been a position where you sulk and think 'poor me', but he went away, got extremely fit, changed his diet and has come out this year and has really locked down a wing for himself.

"He plays such a selfless brand of footy, team orientated, high pressure, he's been first class for what we need to do as a football side."