Damian Barrett Gives An Update On Josh Kelly's Future

"There's a feeling from the Giants..."

Damian Barrett Gives An Update On Josh Kelly's Future

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Damian Barrett has said Josh Kelly will remain in Melbourne for at least part of the weekend, and believes GWS know he will use this time to think about his future.

The GWS star has received a monster offer from North Melbourne, around $9 million over nine years.

Barrett said on the Friday Huddle he may speak to friends and family about what to do this weekend.

"It's interestingly placed," he said.

"Beyond tonight, Josh Kelly will spend at least part of the weekend in Melbourne when other teammates return to Sydney.

"There's a feeling from the Giants that Kelly will use his time this weekend to speak to family, friends, confidants...quite possibly North Melbourne, they're in Launceston for a game so most of their officials are going to be down there.

"It is in his mind, that's no secret - it's a $9 million dollar (over) nine years.

Barrett, however, believes Kelly will actually stay.

"I still feel - it's opinion only, it can only be an opinion - but I still feel he will accept two more years with an option to stay as a Giant," he said.

"Just to give it one more contract with the club that gave him his chance.

"But the fact that it's got to this round seven stage, and the fact the club knows he's going to be trying to at least get his own head around it inside the next 48 hours with the view then to committing one way or another, is pretty significant."