Damian Barrett Hits Out At Carlton's Friday Night Fixture

"We can't beat around the bush"

Damian Barrett Hits Out At Carlton's Friday Night Fixture

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Damian Barrett has suggested Carlton should not have had tonight's Friday night fixture against Port Adelaide.

The fixture was a fairly tepid affair, with the Blues thumped by 90 points.

Barrett was sceptical of a team like Carlton, who have won 19 of a possible 71 games from 2014 onwards, earning a Friday night fixture.

"The criteria for Friday night football, as a rule, it has to be a game of quality," he said at half time.

"There is scope for development team to get one or two slots.

"Carlton has now had the season opening fixture on the Thursday and now we go to round five, and it's got a Friday night fixture.

"To me, it's too many for this particular footy club."

Barrett said the spectacle was not ideal.

"We can't beat around the bush, I reckon they've dragged, as Browny said, the Port team down to their level," he said.

"Just watching it as a neutral observer, it's not a great spectacle tonight."

Carlton have no more Friday night fixtures for the season, with the round five fixture their solitary outing.

"I reckon they need to look at it, I really do, given the troubles Carlton have had," Barrett said.

"I just think we need to protect the quality component to Friday night footy."