Damian Barrett Reveals Which Coaches Scare Him

He told The Saturday Rub

Damian Barrett Reveals Which Coaches Scare Him

Damian Barrett has told The Saturday Rub this afternoon the most intimidating coaches from his journalistic perspective that had 'scared' him. 

Damo has interviewed all of them in recent times but there are a certain few who have left a mark. 

Wayne Carey asked Barrett if he was scared of the Scott brothers, as Damo has a history with Brad Scott.  


“I’m not scared of Chris, I got on pretty well with Chris. Brad doesn’t scare me," he said.

Former North Melbourne president James Brayshaw thought otherwise and warned Damo to keep clear of Brad.

"I wouldn't be going anywhere near him (Brad Scott) Purple if I was you," Brayshaw said. 

Damo went on to reveal the coaches that had scared him in the past. 

“Luke Beveridge scared me, I’ve copped that stare,” he said.

“Justin Leppitsch scares me.”