Damo: Two Victorian Clubs Under Pressure In 2018

Time to perform...

Damo: Two Victorian Clubs Under Pressure In 2018


Triple M Footy’s Damian Barrett believes St Kilda and Carlton are both under pressure to perform in season 2018.

It’s been seven years since the Saints featured in the finals while the Blues haven’t been seen in September since 2013.

St Kilda coach Alan Richardson and his Carlton counterpart Brendon Bolton are entering the fifth and third year in charge of their respective clubs and Damo told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Monday that the time for excuses is over.

“I reckon they (St Kilda) are under as much pressure as any team going into this season,” Damo said. 

“Fifth year for Alan Richardson, placements of 18th, 14th, ninth and 11th under his watch, but it’s time. It’s absolutely time.

Damo thinks there’s “a massive question mark about” the Saints’ trio of key forwards Josh Bruce, Paddy McCartin and Tim Membrey 

“They don’t all fit in, do they,” he said.

And Damo says rapid improvement should be expected of Carlton too.

“Carlton, similarly I feel to St Kilda, probably two years (behind) maybe by way of tracking but it’s still time. It’s still time,” Damo said.

“I refuse to read a lot into the JLT series, but you have to take out little signs. What I liked is that they tried to play in an attacking frame of mind which wasn’t the case from what we’ve seen mostly in two full seasons under Brendon Bolton. 

“Understandably that was the case for 2016-17, but I reckon 2018 they’re positioned and primed just to take a significant step forward on the seven and six wins.”