Damo: Score Review System "A Mess"

"It’s amateur hour at the AFL"

Damo: Score Review System "A Mess" Getty Images

Triple M Footy’s Damian Barrett has described the AFL’s score review system as “a mess” and “amateur hour”.

The system made headlines for all the wrong reasons again on the weekend when North Melbourne’s Billy Hartung was paid a goal despite TV replays clearly showing Sydney veteran Jarrad McVeigh had touched the ball.

It ended up being a costly error because the Kangaroos ended up winning the game at the SCG on Saturday night by just two points and Damo is fed up with it.

“The score review system – it’s a mess. It’s amateur hour at the AFL at the moment how they do it,” he told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Monday. 

“When it was brought in, it was to get rid of the howler, wasn’t it? A bit like the cricket technology. 

“The howler basically doesn’t get fixed either. I don’t know when it crept into the review system to allow it to be a review of the kick being touched – sometimes as far away as 50 metres from the goal line. 

“That’s fine but if we’re going to have it that way, let’s make sure we get it right and refer the Billy Hartung situation where McVeigh clearly touched that ball and they didn’t overrule that one.”