Damian Barrett Talks About The AFL Taking Accreditation Off Journos

'There's enough accountability'

Damian Barrett Talks About The AFL Taking Accreditation Off Journos Image: Getty

AFL journalists’ media accreditation has become a hot topic over the last week after calls were made to revoke the credentials of journos who made stories up.

The storm blew up after Brad Hardie made comments on Perth radio about Ross Lyon potentially moving to Collingwood, claims that were heavily rebuked by Lyon.

The suggestion that the AFL take accreditation off journalists who write false stories was floated after that, with CEO Gillon McLachlan saying it’s a good idea on 3AW.

Damian Barrett feels that the media already has enough checks for accountability.

“I have a view that the media is held to account,” he said on the Saturday Rub.

“Public people may not think that’s the case, but employers aren’t going to keep employing people who get it wrong on a regular basis.

“I feel there’s enough accountability out there, be it the social media feedback, be it the obligations of your employer, be it the actions of your employer.”

Barrett feels its a space the AFL shouldn’t be trying to control.

“I don’t think the AFL needs to get themselves involved in this,” he said.

“They like to control the world, I don’t reckon accreditation [is something they need to control].”

Barrett feels that journalists aren’t the only source of misinformation.

“Do we start policing football clubs for the regular lies they distribute to media and the public?”