Dane Swan Writes Bizarre ‘Confession’ Blog

"I bummed a couple of Winnie Blues"

Dane Swan Writes Bizarre ‘Confession’ Blog

Dane Swan hasn’t been out of the jungle for long but he’s already jumped straight into the media spotlight.

A couple of days ago he sent out a ripping tweet about the Jordan De Goey dog saga.

Now he’d written a blog for Sportsbet untitled “I have a confession to make”.

Swanny says that he faked a big night out in August of 2012 so he could go on a ski trip instead of playing footy.

“I put on my traditional circuit kit, walked past the 24-hour bottle shop up at the Railway Hotel on Chapel St and picked up a six pack of passionfruit UDLs and poured them all over myelf, ensuring I absolutely stunk of piss,” Swanny writes.

“Next I bummed a couple of Winnie Blues off a reptile walking out of Revs and rubbed ash all over my clothes.”

You can read the rest of the blog here.

We're not sure how much of the blog is true.... but it makes for bloody interesting reading.

..And why let get the truth in the way of a good story?!