David Koch's Question For The Port Adelaide Players

'We'll trade you.'

David Koch's Question For The Port Adelaide Players (Image: Facebook)

Port Adelaide president David Koch says the players have to "ask themselves" whether they want to win a premiership, and that "we'll trade" players who don't.

Koch spoke to Port Adelaide fans at a members function after last night's loss, when they went down to the Eagles by two points after the siren after extra time.

He told fans he was "absolutely lost for words" addressing the players after the game.

"All I could say was that we as a club are committed to having the absolute best resources to make them the best players possible," he said.

"But while we make that commitment, they’ve got to make a commitment to us. They’ve got to make a commitment to play to instructions, to play with composure.

"We don’t want players who are living their dream by playing AFL. We want players who want to win a premiership."

Koch said the club doesn't want players at the club who are just happy playing AFL.

“If they’re just playing because they love to play AFL, they’re not players that we want. And that’s the message I said to them with their end of season interviews, they’ve got to ask themselves that," he said.

"Because if they’re not prepared to win a premiership for this club, we basically don’t want them, and let us know, we’ll trade them.

"To do that, they've got to show commitment to Ken (Hinkley), they've got to show commitment to the process, the systems we've trained for and understand they're part of a team.

"It's not a one-off, it's not a one-out and they've got to make the big moments count."

He said hopefully last night's loss means something in the long run, especially given their young side.

"We played a young side tonight, jury's out whether we should have, but let me tell you, they learnt a bloody lot from tonight," he said.

"Hopefully it counts for something (because) we are really hurting, as you are."