Dean Brogan Addresses Culture Problems At GWS

'You're going to have a lot of egos.'

Dean Brogan Addresses Culture Problems At GWS (Image: Getty)

Former GWS player and assistant Dean Brogan says he and other senior players struggled to contain the egos of the young Giants early on, but believes those issues are gone and they have now matured.

KG put the question to him on Dead Set Legends about GWS being "prima donnas" and whether they have underachieved.

Brogan, who played for the Giants in their inception before becoming an assistant coach, admitted the senior players "really struggled" to contain the egos of the young players early on.

"Whenever you put a bunch of 18 and 19-year-olds, very, very high talents and draft picks all in the one place, you’re going to have a lot of egos," he told Triple M.

"They’re high achievers and they expect to be playing every week and they expect...they’re owed everything.

"It's been a massive challenge for the Giants up there, but I think the first couple of years they were carrying on like they were 100-game players and they'd won a couple of flags, which was very frustrating for the likes of old school (players) like myself and Chad Cornes and Lukey Power and James McDonald who were up there. We really struggled with that."

Brogan believes those concerns are now long gone.

"But I think the last couple of years they’ve matured a lot, they've come back to earth a bit," he said.

"That's what happens when you get belted around for a couple of years, you become very humble.

"Have they underachieved? I think they haven't, because they've made two prelims. We all know in the footy world, making a prelim is really hard. Making a grand final is the icing on the cake. We saw this year, making a prelim is the hardest game in your AFL career, whether you win or lose it, it'll always be your hardest game."