Doc Rohan White Gives His Verdict On Jack Viney’s Foot Injury

'This is a real problem'

Doc Rohan White Gives His Verdict On Jack Viney’s Foot Injury

Melbourne co-captain Jack Viney sent a scare through the Demons camp last night when he hobbled off injured at half time of the clash with Sydney.

It has since emerged that Viney injured his plantar fascia, a connective tissue around the bottom of the foot and heel.

Viney was seen on crutches today, and Triple M’s Doc Rohan White says that the injury is likely to lay the co-skipper up for multiple weeks.

“I thought he’d done his hamstring by mistake, but it’s subsequently been revealed he’s got plantar fasciitis,” Doc White said on the Saturday Rub.

“This is a real problem JB, it’s difficult to treat, it’s not uncommon in footy… Jack has said he’s been playing with this all year.

Doc White explained what the injury is and how it will affect Viney.

“It’s an inflammation of the band of tissue on the base of your foot which goes from the heel bone to the base of your toes,” he said.

“It’s usually treated with cortisone and you can generally get through with that but subsequently he’s obviously partially torn it last night, that’s what gave him that acute pain and why we saw him on crutches at the end of the game.

“Now this is a bit of a dilemma because his ability to play from week-to-week now is gonna be tricky because you can get further micro-tears and you don’t wanna see him having to pull out at half-time in the next umpteen weeks.

“The club will probably scan him and they’ll probably find a partial tear and really the only way to treat this is to actually divide the plantar fascia surgically so  you release the tension and take away all the pain.

“If that’s proceeded with JB, he’s probably out of the game for four weeks, so bad timing.”

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