Dramatic Finish As U18 Clash Goes To Golden Point


Dramatic Finish As U18 Clash Goes To Golden Point

(Image: Twitter)

Western Australia clinched a thriller over South Australia to kick off the under 18 championships, winning by a point in extra time.

The scores were locked on the final siren, and the competition's rules dictated that the game go to extra time.

What followed was some properly tense football.

WA - who at one stage led by 31 points - worked their way forward and found Matt Young, who marked 40 metres out directly in front.

He slammed home a behind to give WA a golden point and hand them the four points, winning 10.14 (74) to 10.13 (73).

The vision found its way onto Twitter.


WA coach Peter Sumich gave his side plenty of credit.

"Probably at the beginning you didn't know what to expect from this group – that was probably the hard part – but now what they dished-up you know what they can do," he said.

"Hopefully they can continue that on. I thought they were very good with their pressure, tackling and chasing."