Duck's Verdict On Tom Hawkins' Jumper Punch

'I know everyone is up in arms'

Duck's Verdict On Tom Hawkins' Jumper Punch

Wayne Carey has delivered his verdict on Tom Hawkins' jumper punch, believing the Cats forward will escape with a fine.

Hawkins laid a glancing blow to the neck of Adelaide's Matt Crouch as they jumper punched during the second quarter last night. 

Duck said Hawkins should get off suspension in the wake of incidents over the past few weeks.

Listen to Duck on the Hawkins jumper punch here: 

"Very, very lucky, but I think it's still just a fine," Duck said on The Saturday Rub. 

"When the MRP finally allows precedence as a defence, or an argument for what goes on, that's when we will start to get some consistency with the MRP."

"[Trent] Cotchin's, now that's flush on the jaw with some force. I would argue last week [Zak] Jones' was to the shoulder with not a lot of force, and I think Hawkins didn't hit the jaw or the face, with not a lot of force to the neck," Carey said. 

"And I know everyone is up in arms saying he has now got to get a week, but I think that one, while it is not a good look, [I think] he gets off by the skin of his teeth."

Despite his stance, Carey said the AFL could suspend Hawkins to back-up their crackdown on jumper punches. 

"They might just go, we have got to send a message and set an example."

Damian Barrett was adamant the Cats forward would escape suspension.

"He can't go on what we've seen, he would be the most unlucky player of the season if he was to go on the back of what we have seen over the past three weeks," Purple said.