Dustin Martin's Father Shane Gives An Emotional Interview On The Footy Show

"I love you son, I’m very proud."

Dustin Martin's Father Shane Gives An Emotional Interview On The Footy Show (Image: Channel 9)

Dustin Martin’s father Shane has given an emotional interview on The Footy Show, saying he was "very proud" of his son after making the decision to stay at Richmond.

Martin confirmed he will remain at Richmond for the next seven years, and Shane told Eddie McGuire there's plenty of pride for his son.

"I'm very proud, Eddie," he said.

"It's pretty emotional. To see your son develop into something special, you know? Both mum and I...it's a little bit emotional, mate.

He said he was thrilled it had all worked out well.

“The biggest decision for him, let alone me and his manager, but the advice that we’ve all worked out, it’s turned out alright, thanks to Ralph," he said.

“Mate, I don’t know what to say."

Shane was deported back to New Zealand last year, being one of 81 current or former bikie gang members to have their visa negated.

He said he has his fingers crossed he can make it back to Australia to watch his son hopefully win a final or take home a Brownlow Medal, for which he's the raging hot favourite.

“It’s certainly getting recognised over here, which is good," he told Channel 9.

“But hopefully I'm back there sitting in the chair next to him. That would be good.

“I’m definitely hoping (I can come back), but we’ll have to go through the procedures, and we should know a bit more by next Wednesday, hopefully.

“We’re just waiting on a High Court decision. Hopefully it goes our way see what comes of it."

He parted with one final message to his son.

“I love you son, I’m very proud. With my heart."