Early Injury Concerns For GWS


Early Injury Concerns For GWS

(Image: Channel 7)

GWS have been struck by injury early, with early concerns for co-captain Callan Ward, defender Aidan Corr and ruckman Shane Mumford.

The injuries to Ward and Mumford looked less severe.

Ward went down to the rooms to have an issue with his glute sorted before returning to the game.

Mumford also went down with an apparent issue to his ankle.

But the largest concern remains over Corr.

Triple M's Ewan Giles spotted Corr's injury.

"The issue for Aidan Corr is a left hamstring," he said. 

"(It's) up real high, just underneath the buttock.

"He is not 100% convinced about his injury."

Corr later returned to the field, but still looked "very proppy".

"After 12 minutes off the ground, Aidan Corr is back on the field with his suspect left hamstring," Giles said.

"Still looking very proppy, though."