Eddie McGuire Passionately Defends The AFL's Right To Have An Opinion

On The Hot Breakfast this morning

Eddie McGuire Passionately Defends The AFL's Right To Have An Opinion Image: AFL

Triple M's Eddie McGuire has backed the AFL's right to have their say on the postal plebiscite for marriage equality.

On The Hot Breakfast this morning, the Collingwood President had a robust conversation with Damon Johnston - editor of the Herald Sunregarding the front page this morning.


The AFL have been criticised for taking a side in the debate with many believing the league should not get involved in 'politics'.

"I put to you: what’s the difference between the Herald Sun having an opinion, the Catholic Church having an opinion and the AFL promulgating their opinion?" Eddie asked.

Johnston quoted former AFL people - including Mick MalthouseTony Shaw and Jeff Kennett - who believed that it was not their place to speak out.

"Carlton are quite entitled to do exactly what they did. They didn’t say don’t vote one they, they just want people to have their say," Eddie said addressing the Blues' statement yesterday,

"People are allowed to vote no. It’s what a democracy is all about. That’s why I argue the AFL can do what they like - it’s a democracy."

Eddie then set his sights on Federal politicians; believing that their inaction in the past has lead to the requirement for the AFL and clubs to take strong stances on social issues.

"The reason why the AFL and the football clubs have become a bit more a ‘lightning rod’ to social issues is because we’ve got such gutless politicians who cannot make a decision - whose job it is to make these decisions," he started.

"We shouldn’t be having this plebiscite. The Federal Government should have made a decision; that’s what they’re getting paid for.

"And we do have media that flips and flops on what’s an issue of the day that sells more.

"And the institutions that we trusted - i.e. the Catholic Church and churches in general - have let us down so badly that people in the community turn to their football clubs now for direction and people there are making decisions in life that actually make a difference.

"Who’s running the campaign for homelessness in Melbourne? The Collingwood Football Club! Who’s running this agenda? The AFL. The Richmond Football Club are one of the strongest campaigners for Indigenous Australians.

"We have politicians that stand for nothing other the next election. That’s why people turn to the AFL."

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