Essendon Has Dropped A “Cringeworthy” Christmas Membership Video

Riffing on a Love Actually theme

Essendon Has Dropped A “Cringeworthy” Christmas Membership Video Image: Screenshot/Essendon FC

Essendon has posted a Christmas membership video that’s being described as “cringeworthy”.

The video riffs on the Love Actually scene where Andrew Lincoln’s character Mark turns up at Kiera Knightley’s Juliet’s place with cue cards, with the Mark role played by Bombers coach John Worsfold.

He uses the cards to thank Bombers fans for buying memberships early and getting the Dons to 50,000 members before Christmas for the first time ever.

Watch it here:



Fans reacted quickly, with many thinking the video was cringeworthy:


Not all of the feedback was bad, however:

Essendon’s excellent membership figures come on the back of a good trade period where they picked up Jake Stringer, Devon Smith and Adam Saad.