Former Footballer Entering Australia's Rich List

He's only 33!

Former Footballer Entering Australia's Rich List (Image: Getty)

Joel Macdonald might just be the richest 33-year-old former footballer running around.

The former Lion and Demon retired from footy four years ago, but since then has launched his own delivery management company, GetSwift, which has skyrocketed in value.

Based off technology created from his liquor delivery business, LiquorRun, which he founded with Melbourne teammates in his last year of footy, the company is now worth at least a whopping $200 million.

Its site says it let businesses "dispatch like Uber, track like Domino's and set routes like Fedex".

The Australian Financial Review will include him in their young rich list with a value of $36 million, but believe it's actually north of $100 million.

"Football was fantastic and I'll always have great memories of it," Macdonald told The Australian Financial Review.

"But towards the end of my career I was in and out of the side a bit and I remember really looking forward on the drive home from training to get working on the business. I've always had a passion for technology, I love solving problems and probably have more of a creative brain."