JB: What Do You Stand For, St Kilda?

Marc Murphy sledging controversy

JB: What Do You Stand For, St Kilda?

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Former North Melbourne chairman James Brayshaw would sit down with his own playing group if they were involved in the same kind of sledging that St Kilda players were directing towards Carlton captain Marc Murphy on the weekend.

The Saints have come under scrutiny for making remarks of a highly personal nature to Murphy.

If North Melbourne players were doing the same thing under JB’s reign at Arden Street, he said he would be asking them serious questions about what they stood for as a group.

“If I’m (St Kilda CEO) Matty Finnis or (coach) Alan Richardson, who are both really good operators, I’d be going into their playing group during the Monday review and I’d be saying, ‘Right, what do we want to stand for as an organisation? Within this AFL community, what do we want this club and this group and our brand to stand for?’,” JB told Triple M’s Rush Hour.

“When you look the 46 blokes in the room in the eye and the assistant coaches and all the rest of it, you say, ‘While you’re pondering that, let’s have a look at what happened on the weekend’. And then I’d be saying to them, ‘Does what we want to stand for match up with what we did on the weekend? And if the answer to that is no, well you’ve got your own response - make sure it doesn’t happen again’.”

JB said there were times during his nine years as North Melbourne chairman where he spoke to the head of football about certain issues involving the players.

Triple M Footy’s Damian Barrett believes the incident involving Murphy should be used by the AFL as a starting point with regards to general sledging.

“I’m not sitting here saying we’re going to have an absolute ban on all forms of banter between players but when it is of a nature that was directed at Marc Murphy, I really feel that at least let’s use this as the beginning to getting better as an industry,” Damo said.